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I have just been to see the house that a friend from work is hoping to let.

I want to move house... )
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Due to the confusing vagaries of car insurance I have unexpectedly access to a car for the next few months and I wanted to write down how I felt about that and the difference it is already making to mine and Dave's lives.

It can be easy to take things for granted so I wanted to write down now how amazing this is for me to look back on later (when I hopefully have a car of my own) and remember how lucky I am/will be/have been? (tenses are confusing)

Seriously, I am about ready to write poetry about this car it has made such a difference and it mostly in the little things that turn out to have mattered *so very much*.

On Monday I took Dave to buy cheap after-Easter sale price chocolate at our local Tesco. Now it's not that far away, I can walk it easily, but Dave can't. This is the furthest away from the house he has gotten without having to beg assistance from someone with a car for months, possibly years.

On Friday it was misty, horrible and very quickly started pouring with rain. I went and did the weekly food shop. I did not have to get soaked on the 15 minute walk each way. I did not have to carry everything I wanted to buy home in a rucksack on my back. I can see this becoming extra specially wonderful the next time I have to buy washing powder or something equally heavy.

On Sunday we intend to go to church, because I can drive us there and back, a distance Dave cannot currently walk, which has meant we have not been able to attend our church since our wedding.

These are small but wonderful and amazing things. I cannot look out of the window and see that little car there in the street outside our house without a big stupid grin on my face. It has re-doubled my determination to save sufficient money to get my own car insurance and make sure that a car is a permanent feature of mine and Dave's lives, because it has already improved our quality of life and provided a freedom we didn't know we didn't have until we had it.

In conclusion; I love having the use of a car. It's amazing!
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So, unemployed (employed as of 5 hours after posting this) and unemployed again (can we stop this emotional rollercoaster now I want to get off!?), but no idea if Dave will be able to get any work. But, I am determined to make sure that getting fired was the best thing to happen to me.

Looking back now I can see that while I was trying really hard not to I had gotten stuck. Stuck in the comfort of having regular income and not really doing anything to follow my dreams or make what I *really* wanted to happen. So that's not going to happen this time.
  • I am still going to try to get an admin job, because I have lots of experience in that and money is useful.
  • But I am also going to take my Food Hygiene certificate and cater the Darkendale event, and get as involved in Serve it Forth as I can.
  • If I can't get a job immediately I will go back to volunteering at Palace Green Archives.
  • I will re-qualify as a Pool Lifeguard.
  • I will complete all the sewing projects I have set myself by the end of November when they will be needed.
  • I will not stop looking for Archive Assistant roles in the area.
  • I will not chicken out of moving if that is what Dave and I have to do to get work.
  • I will try my hardest to be in a position to go part-time when the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibit reaches Durham so that if I get a place volunteering I can take it.
There, my considerably less violent take on burning a house down with lemons (a computer game reference for those confused by the incendiary lemons). ;-)
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I got fired.

Apparently while they were "sympathetic to the issues I was having at home" they had to "think of the good of the department" and "it wasn't worth pushing forward" therefore surely it was "best for everyone" if we "just made a clean break" and I left.

I might post a longer more involved comment on this later. Right now though: my apologies if I am a little fragile and fraught as this completely took me by surprise and I am devastated that no one brought the terrifyingly long list of issues they were having with me and my work to my attention before the meeting at 4.15pm yesterday that I thought was a warning followed by the 9am meeting today where they fired me.

But I'm glad they did it. I don't want to work for a department that when someone is trying to get to grips with a really demanding job, while planning a wedding and dealing with an increasingly ill fiancé (as he drives himself into the ground in an attempt to finish his Masters project while suffering from a chronic illness), doesn't even give them a chance to improve when offered criticism but just fires them?

No thank you. I can get a better job, with managers that have a passing aquaintance with empathy. Their loss.
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Job! )
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I have just been to a department dinner to celebrate the end of exams. For the lecturers that means the end of marking, for the admin staff that means we have not lost any exam scripts and we have survived the Board of Examiners. For me it means there is a lot of photocopying in my future...

However, what I wanted to post about is this: I spent most of the evening having the most terrifyingly erudite conversation with one of the other members of administrative staff. It covered; history, art, the changing class structure over periods of history, the emergence of the artisan class, the nature of beauty and the psychology of fashion. During this conversation the dormant part of my brain that studied for my bachelors and my masters degrees woke up. The part of me that can analyse, contruct a coherent argument and draw conclusions from an informed debate spoke up and started telling me in no uncertain terms "I'm still here!" "I'm still alive" "I'm not dead!".

This is rather wonderful as I was pretty sure it had suffocated due to lack of use. I now have a re-energised hope that once I manage to get the money to be able to re-engage with academia I will be able to do so and that holding onto the hope of such is not stupid or a waste of time.

Thanks Linda.
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...that would be the GEF coming up fast!

So I suppose, in a better late than never kinda way, I'd better do my post about the Moot! I can't believe how quickly the GEF has come round, my job and jogging to get ready for Peru has eaten my free time!

Set-up )
The Event )
There is undoubtedly more I've forgotten but sufficed to say I had a great time both doing set-up and a great event. Roll on the GEF!

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So I made it back in one piece. All I have to do now is give a presentation and I will have my silver award, this expedition also counted for my gold practice so one more expedition and I will have done all the expeditions for my gold awards as well.

Very tired now and having a day of lazing around, I think I've deserved it!

Hot )
Not )
All in all an exhausting experience that I think the good parts out weighed the bad. Although I am glad I only have to do this once more.
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Yes I know this is a bit late, but it has taken a while to sink in and work has been trying to kill me so this is the first chance I've got to sit down with LJ and do more than just read...

Anyway on New Year's Eve there was a home cooked meal, there was candle light and romantic music. There was a question and there was an answer, which was "yes".

In other words Dave and I are engaged.

I can't stop smiling as I read that.
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So three weeks on from the gainful employment dance and my contract is up.

Data Entry Hell... )Read more... )
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So. Party tomorrow and really excited. This morning immune system went AWOL.

Currently feel like death. Almost every muscle I've got has tensed up, I'm exhausted after spending most of the day lounging about doing nothing and am currently waiting for Dave to get home to make me dinner as I'm not sure I should be near hot things right now. The only parts of me that don't hurt are my fingers and my nose. This is ridiculous! 

While this is mostly a shamless plug for sympathy also; suggestions? Because I'm going to this bloody party if it kills me, but if anyone's got any ideas about how for it not to I am open to any and all ideas.
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Okay, so it's only two weeks doing data entry at the hospital but I have a job! I will have money coming in again as the Jobcentre have so far spectacularly failed to supply benefit due to a backlog and "will not be giving out timescales at this time" so I have no idea when any money will be forthcoming from them. 

But in any case. Yay! *gainful employment dance*


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