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Due to the confusing vagaries of car insurance I have unexpectedly access to a car for the next few months and I wanted to write down how I felt about that and the difference it is already making to mine and Dave's lives.

It can be easy to take things for granted so I wanted to write down now how amazing this is for me to look back on later (when I hopefully have a car of my own) and remember how lucky I am/will be/have been? (tenses are confusing)

Seriously, I am about ready to write poetry about this car it has made such a difference and it mostly in the little things that turn out to have mattered *so very much*.

On Monday I took Dave to buy cheap after-Easter sale price chocolate at our local Tesco. Now it's not that far away, I can walk it easily, but Dave can't. This is the furthest away from the house he has gotten without having to beg assistance from someone with a car for months, possibly years.

On Friday it was misty, horrible and very quickly started pouring with rain. I went and did the weekly food shop. I did not have to get soaked on the 15 minute walk each way. I did not have to carry everything I wanted to buy home in a rucksack on my back. I can see this becoming extra specially wonderful the next time I have to buy washing powder or something equally heavy.

On Sunday we intend to go to church, because I can drive us there and back, a distance Dave cannot currently walk, which has meant we have not been able to attend our church since our wedding.

These are small but wonderful and amazing things. I cannot look out of the window and see that little car there in the street outside our house without a big stupid grin on my face. It has re-doubled my determination to save sufficient money to get my own car insurance and make sure that a car is a permanent feature of mine and Dave's lives, because it has already improved our quality of life and provided a freedom we didn't know we didn't have until we had it.

In conclusion; I love having the use of a car. It's amazing!


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