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I have just been to see the house that a friend from work is hoping to let.

It is beautiful. It is clearly cared for and loved and well looked after. There is plenty of space and it is wonderfully decorated.

I want to live there. I am sick of living in a house that no matter what I do to try and make it nice I am ham-strung by a landlord who couldn't care less and won't spend money on the simplest things to make it better and the fact I am not allowed to make many changes without asking his permission (whereupon he ignores me). I am sick of being trapped by the fact that letting agent fees are extortionate and the landlord is so lazy he has not bothered to put up the rent in the last three years and we are too broke to complain about his behaviour.  

But...the new place is £100 more a month in rent than we are currently paying. Which I don't have.

I need a better job. A permanent job. Or the move that I desperately want to make will be impossible. She needs an answer in six weeks.

I want this very badly. I don't rate my chances of success very high, but if I don't give it my all to try and make this happen I will massively regret this.

So, six weeks to find a better job. Off I go!
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