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So, unemployed (employed as of 5 hours after posting this) and unemployed again (can we stop this emotional rollercoaster now I want to get off!?), but no idea if Dave will be able to get any work. But, I am determined to make sure that getting fired was the best thing to happen to me.

Looking back now I can see that while I was trying really hard not to I had gotten stuck. Stuck in the comfort of having regular income and not really doing anything to follow my dreams or make what I *really* wanted to happen. So that's not going to happen this time.
  • I am still going to try to get an admin job, because I have lots of experience in that and money is useful.
  • But I am also going to take my Food Hygiene certificate and cater the Darkendale event, and get as involved in Serve it Forth as I can.
  • If I can't get a job immediately I will go back to volunteering at Palace Green Archives.
  • I will re-qualify as a Pool Lifeguard.
  • I will complete all the sewing projects I have set myself by the end of November when they will be needed.
  • I will not stop looking for Archive Assistant roles in the area.
  • I will not chicken out of moving if that is what Dave and I have to do to get work.
  • I will try my hardest to be in a position to go part-time when the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibit reaches Durham so that if I get a place volunteering I can take it.
There, my considerably less violent take on burning a house down with lemons (a computer game reference for those confused by the incendiary lemons). ;-)
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