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...that would be the GEF coming up fast!

So I suppose, in a better late than never kinda way, I'd better do my post about the Moot! I can't believe how quickly the GEF has come round, my job and jogging to get ready for Peru has eaten my free time!

The Set-up:
In no particluar order:

-Wow...that was a lot of work! Seriously, I have major respect for those people who do this every time! So many things that you don't realise need doing! But it was very cool to see the results of our work in the increased number of tents up each night that had been piles of canvas and poles that morning.
-Cathedral!!!!! It tried its best to kill us at some stages but it was worth it to be able to sit there taking it all in as we realised time-in had been called just as we locked the doors and sat down with it all finished.
-Shuddering exhaustion: Wednesday night having to go to bed while others were trying to push on with the painting because I couldn't keep going was not fun. Neither was Thursday at midnight sat with silks that could not be hung and no idea if we would be able to get them hung in the morning.   
-Orpheus' tomb - by the smallest margin my favourite alcove. I loved how stark it was while still being full. I was especially happy at how the One symbol came out on the top off the coffin.
-"I do not fish to your principles!"
-Chips twice a day...Banqueting Club I love you, you saved me once the event had started. The staff catering food wasn't bad but one more day of chips and I was ready to go on a killing rampage!
-Getting walled into a tower (to make sure it was all tied off securely) with the parting words from [livejournal.com profile] fundessie "You had better be able to get out of there or Chris is going to kick my arse".
-Climbing a ladder attached to nothing but the four guys below holding it mostly vertical. Team spidermonkey!
-Seeing my Dad's stained glass windows work so well. That was really cool to see everyone so happy with things that he had made.
- Making yppocras in a field, the guys in the catering tent were very confused when I stuck my head in and asked to borrow a ladle...
-Chasing around the cathedral with the Malarite banner.

The Event:

-Very, very tired. Which was a shame as I think if I hadn't been so tired I would have had an awesome event rather than *just* a great one.
-Sodding harm geese!
-Little cuts on my hands from set-up really annoyed me.

-Talking with Cul, I wish I had time to do it more often. Ah, the curse of the bodyguard...
-Giving Karen her necklace.
-Seeing "the boys" all dressed up for the wedding (I didn't think it possible for Dredd to look so smart without the world ending!!)
-Watching and listening to the most inappropriate conversation in the world without being able to do anything about it!
-The mad search for a mind healer on Saturday night. A great chance to bond with members of the Order that I don't get the chance to do very often.
-Hearing about Klaani strippers from a shell-shocked Karen.
-Getting to utter the line "Adara if you continue with this line of conversation you are going in the lake with Illyrio!"
-Managing to get the three course meal to work despite having to run off to fight no less than 4 times during its preparation!!! Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jetlagjen for saving the meal as most of the party guests did long distance yo-yo impressions over the course of the evening and also for the much appreciated car run on the Saturday morning. And also huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darkebon  for mammoth amounts of help getting it all ready beforehand.
-Lantian soup sausage! (Next time remove things you want to defrost from cool bags they work better than you think)
-Talking with [livejournal.com profile] smallstoat  and [livejournal.com profile] darkebon  on Saturday night. Suddenly it was nearly 4 and we hadn't gone OC once. Really cool.
-Cake! I was so proud of rendering the Darkendale rose in icing. Squee!
-The bouquet idea working!
-The wedding: from getting ready, to marching down the aisle, from watching them make their vows to being given a tissue by Cassi and trying not to grin stupidly at Nethaniel across the room. All. Awesome.
-Ceildah. Yes, even the crying. All the role-play that ensued after we left the cathedral. Sunday night was just fantastic, from beginning to end from dancing to angst to back again.

There is undoubtedly more I've forgotten but sufficed to say I had a great time both doing set-up and a great event. Roll on the GEF!

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