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So I made it back in one piece. All I have to do now is give a presentation and I will have my silver award, this expedition also counted for my gold practice so one more expedition and I will have done all the expeditions for my gold awards as well.

Very tired now and having a day of lazing around, I think I've deserved it!

-  My gear: boots, waterproofs and platypus made a real difference. Not having to scrabble around for a water bottle every time I wanted a drink was nice and it took going over my ankles in water to get my feet wet. I love my boots!
- The end of the second day of walking as the sun came out after driving wind and rain we turned onto a causeway that we followed all the way to the campsite and had a few hours of just enjoying the scenery and walking without constantly map-checking or struggling through rough terrain.
- The heated toilets at the third campite.
- The speed withwhich one of my group made it over to me as a yelled for help as I fell into a bog. Luckily I only went up to my knees and then fell forward onto solid ground. But I was very glad that it only took him about ten seconds to get to me as if I had fallen face first, with my pack Frodo-style into the bog and hadn't been lucky enough to fall onto solid ground I would have been drowning.
- The fourth campsite was really beautiful. It was a wild camp, so no conveniences or anything but it was a enclosed by some trees, hidden from the road by a rise in the ground and bordered by a river, really idyllic.
- Navigating by compass bearing and not much else as the mist came down on the moors on the fourth day (admittedly this was less cool three hours later...)
- Making it to the top of the really big hill on the last day and having lunch on the top.
- The pub afterwards!

- Being the weakest member of the group made for a lonely few days as the other three were always ahead of me meaning for the most part I walked by myself with them in front and made things like map-reading, my turn at navigating and participating in conversation difficult if not impossible.
- The first night of the expedition I was miserable and took a long time to cheer up.
- The first night campsite, very, very exposed. I spent quite a lot of the night praying the tent wasn't going to be blown down.
- Tents were very cramped once you had two people and two ruck sacks in there. I spent a lot of time trying to make sure the outer wasn't touching the inner otherwise we would have been sleeping in a puddle. Luckily I was successful for the most part.
- Missing Dave a lot.
-The "short-cut" that  actually led to us walking thourgh an active logging area!!! That was scary, I could hear the chainsaws and falling trees!

All in all an exhausting experience that I think the good parts out weighed the bad. Although I am glad I only have to do this once more.

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But doing it is still really impressive - Go you!

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From: [identity profile] d511kx.livejournal.com
Well done. Hope the presentation goes well.

DoE - A Survivor's Tale

Date: 2010-03-25 08:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fundessie.livejournal.com
Well done babe.


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