Sep. 14th, 2012

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I got fired.

Apparently while they were "sympathetic to the issues I was having at home" they had to "think of the good of the department" and "it wasn't worth pushing forward" therefore surely it was "best for everyone" if we "just made a clean break" and I left.

I might post a longer more involved comment on this later. Right now though: my apologies if I am a little fragile and fraught as this completely took me by surprise and I am devastated that no one brought the terrifyingly long list of issues they were having with me and my work to my attention before the meeting at 4.15pm yesterday that I thought was a warning followed by the 9am meeting today where they fired me.

But I'm glad they did it. I don't want to work for a department that when someone is trying to get to grips with a really demanding job, while planning a wedding and dealing with an increasingly ill fiancé (as he drives himself into the ground in an attempt to finish his Masters project while suffering from a chronic illness), doesn't even give them a chance to improve when offered criticism but just fires them?

No thank you. I can get a better job, with managers that have a passing aquaintance with empathy. Their loss.


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