Jun. 15th, 2012

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I have just been to a department dinner to celebrate the end of exams. For the lecturers that means the end of marking, for the admin staff that means we have not lost any exam scripts and we have survived the Board of Examiners. For me it means there is a lot of photocopying in my future...

However, what I wanted to post about is this: I spent most of the evening having the most terrifyingly erudite conversation with one of the other members of administrative staff. It covered; history, art, the changing class structure over periods of history, the emergence of the artisan class, the nature of beauty and the psychology of fashion. During this conversation the dormant part of my brain that studied for my bachelors and my masters degrees woke up. The part of me that can analyse, contruct a coherent argument and draw conclusions from an informed debate spoke up and started telling me in no uncertain terms "I'm still here!" "I'm still alive" "I'm not dead!".

This is rather wonderful as I was pretty sure it had suffocated due to lack of use. I now have a re-energised hope that once I manage to get the money to be able to re-engage with academia I will be able to do so and that holding onto the hope of such is not stupid or a waste of time.

Thanks Linda.


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